Service terms & conditions

Service terms and conditions

Version No. 1
Valid from 15.05.2019


We (Ridango AS’s with contact information as stated here: provide means to (Service): (a) acquire and use a public transportation ticket or a right to travel (Tickets), and (b) to manage funds on an account (Cards).

We provide the Serviceunder contract with and on behalf of public transportation companies or local authorities.

You are a Service user, andthese are our Service terms and conditions (Terms) which describe how we provide the Service and which rights, obligations or liabilities you and we have regarding the Service.

By expressing your intention to use the Service you acknowledge having read and accepted these Terms and you agree to fully comply with the Terms.


You can use the Service via website or mobile application (Application). The Service can also be available to you via point of sales, the driver of a public transport vehicle, on-board of a public transport via the validator.

The Tickets can be in paper, QR or electronic format. The Cards can be separately purchased travel card; student or employer card usable as a travel card. You use Tickets and Cards to validate you travel right.

For using the Service, you have to be at least 18-year-old fully responsible person or if 7-18 year-old, you have to have full approvals from a lawful representative to use the Service.

We reserve the right to alter or supplement these Terms unilaterally at any time without a prior notification to you. All alterations or supplementations will enter into effect and become binding to you from the date of their publication by their publication via the Application.

In addition to these Terms, you are required to comply with the applicable legislation and with the rules of a respective company who provides public transportation provision, if this respective company has introduced such rules.

Price and payments

We have no right to set or change the price of Tickets. The respective local authority or a company providing public transportation determines the price of Tickets.

Every successful payment you make for the Service will be confirmed by a notice. In case of malfunctions, please contact support service using relevant contact information as stated here:

Exchange and refunds

Conditions that regulate exchanges and refunds for Tickets are determined by a respective local authority or a company providing public transportation, which we are bound to follow and which we have no right to change.

If a respective local authority or a company providing public transportation has not determined exchange and refund conditions, then we do not provide any exchange or refund for purchased tickets.

Should you wish to withdraw the unused funds from your Card, then you can do so by sending a digitally signed application to our e-mail address .

The funds will be returned to your bank account. The maximum amount of pay-out in cash is 10.00€. Should you wish to get refund for the money that has been loaded on your public transport card by other money loading channels or by other people, then we make the refund to the respective money loading channels or to other people considering the rules prescribed by current Terms.

You have a right to:

  • use the Service in accordance with the Terms;
  • verify the status of the tickets currently in use or money loaded on a card medium;
  • exercise personal data related rights described in our personal data processing and cookie policy, that can be found here;

You are obliged to:

  • carry along a valid document, Tickets or Cards for your right to travel;
  • validate Tickets or Cards after each entry into the public transportation. You acknowledge that only correct validation enforces your right to travel;
  • check the validity of the validation, which will be signalled by an acoustic signal or the text appearing on the display of the validator;
  • provide accurate data about you and to update the data immediately when necessary;
  • avoid the activities, which could have a direct negative impact, including but not limited to impact on disruptions of the Service or the Applications, including illegal access to the servers relating to the Service provided in the Applications;
  • not to interfere in any way with the proper working and technical solutions of our Service Application;
  • avoid the monitoring of the Service usage and copying, reproducing, altering, using and publishing such data results on any purposes is prohibited;
  • avoid any action that imposes an unreasonably large load or hinders in any other way the proper Service provision or functioning of Applications, is prohibited;
  • use the Applications only if the security measures of your computer system ensure safe execution of operations in the Application, without disclosing any data to third parties;
  • 10)regularly review and get familiar with the updated Terms.

We have a right to:

  • restrict or terminate the provision of the Service to you without a prior notice, if your actions constitute a threat to the functioning of the Applications or restrict possibilities of other persons to use our Service in the Applications or in other cases specified in legal acts;
  • temporarily suspend or discontinue activities of the Applications without a prior notice in the event of critical circumstances.

We are obliged to:

  • provide all infortation to you for proper use of the Application relating to Tickets and Cards including but not limited to registration in the environment for registered customers, use of Tickets and Cards;
  • provide information to you on charges, prices or other relevant details of the Service in the Application by phone, e-mail or a notification in the Application.


We shall not be liable if our obligations laid down in the Terms are not fulfilled or are fulfilled improperly due to the fault of the third parties, including but not limited to the actions by the payment institutions (money not on our account by the bank in due time, a failure to process an order, etc.).

We shall not be liable when due to a technical failure in the telecommunication network or due to a fault of companies providing telecommunication services, you are not able to use the Applications or due to malfunction in the telecommunication network some information is lost or distorted.

We shall not be liable for the processing of your data in the websites of third parties as well as in cases of your access to them through the references in our Applications. We recommend getting familiar with the privacy policy of each visited network, that is not operated by us, separately.

We shall not be liable in case the devices you are using do not support your chosen public transportation ticket format.

You are liable for choosing the most suitable public transportation ticket format for you and keeping it intact until you have completed your travel.

You are liable for illegal impact or alteration, other illegal actions or use of the Applications in the way not specified in the Terms.

You are liable for the losses incurred by us arising from the inaccurate information and instructions provided to us or due to a failure to fulfil obligations laid down in the Terms.


We shall send all notifications for you using the contact details you have provided us.

You can contact us, and send all notifications, questions and queries by e-mail  or phone number +372 11 800 for ticket information and purchase (special rates applicable 0.51€/min plus the operator’s connection fee 0.23€/min) or +372 6 118 000 in case of faults and problems.

You can contact our appointed data protection officer by e-mail .


By start using the Applications you agree that besides cookies which are necessary for navigating the Applications, we also use cookies to collect statistical data and these cookies can be ours or of a third party.

All users of our Service grant their unconditional consent to us for the handling of their personal data in the essence of the EU Personal Data Protection regulations as applicable in the Republic of Estonia.

By expressing your intention to use the Service, you agree to comply also with our personal data processing and cookie policy, that can be found here, and which describe what data we collect and how we process such collected data.

Final provisions

Our Service Applications may include references and links to the Internet. As we have no control over these sites and information provided there, we take no responsibility for the exactness, relevance, content and information of these sites.

Any usage of our Applications, including usage of the Applications’ textual and graphic content and data (incl reference to the Service), for whichever purposes without our prior written consent is prohibited.

The terms are governed by the laws of the Republic of Estonia.

Any disagreements arising under the Terms from the use of the Service shall be addressed by negotiation. Should the disagreements remain unsolved, then the matter may be brought to Commission for Consumer Disputes or Harju County Court by virtue of provisions laid down by law.