E-bus operations: Lessons learned from the operators

The electrification of public transportation is gaining momentum around the world, and e-bus operations are becoming increasingly popular.


However, the transition to electric buses brings unique challenges that transport operators must address to ensure smooth operations of their service.


About this webinar

As cities implement ambitious plans to achieve zero-emission environments, there is pressure on the transport sector to decarbonise as fast as possible. Electrification is gaining momentum and buses are at the forefront, with growth that exceeds any other segment of road transport.


While electric bus fleets have grown tremendously in recent years, achieving optimal operational efficiency remains a prominent challenge.

This webinar brings together bus industry experts to discuss the unique challenges that transport operators face when transitioning to e-bus operations, and the solutions and strategies that electrified operators should take into account.


With direct experience of successful electric bus project implementations, our panel will:


  • Give insights into operating Africa’s largest e-bus fleet in Sharm ElSheikh & Upcoming e-BRT project on Cairo’s ring road
  • Talk about a a seamless transition to Zero Emission in Slovenia and how data and communications support that mission
  • Share tips for developing an e-bus operational strategy

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