Ticketing and fare management

Transit ticketing is key and core business for any operator or transit authority to be able to collect fare for the travels. We offer components and turnkey solutions for transport ticketing.  Below is brief description of Ridango ticketing solution and devices. Please see also "reporting and accounting" and other solutions to understand the full scope of services on ticketing. 

Ridango account based ticketing system (EMV payments ready):
Ridango offers account based and online ticketing solution. The solution consists of Real-Time Vehicle Systems and Central Data Server services. The product is targeted to local transportation authorities and commercial transport operators. Our ticketing solution is modular and is meant for any size of agency or operator (light version, basic, pro version etc).

Online account based system

Ridango account based ticketing supports various fare types and media. Ridango supports contactless EMV bankcard transactions, mobile ticketing, QR ticketing, token based closed-loop transit card ticketing with tickets and best fare calculations. Main Fare Types Media Tickets.

Segments of transport ticketing where we operate:
  • City transportation  ticketing solutions (bus, metro, tram, rail)
  • Municipality bus services
  • Inter-city services
Look on the main transportation segments on ticketing.

Depending on the segment, we provide all related on-board ticketing equipment that is supported by our online back-end solutions and services.  Example of on-board equipment  we provide:

Ticketing validation devices:

Ticketing validator

ECR / POS solution for driver assisted sale:
  • Andoid tablet based ECR / POS solution - click here for example setup
  • Printer for ticket and receipt
  • Payment terminal with pin-pad for higher value transactions

POS solution for driver assisted sale

Supporting devices and connection devices:

  • Communication unit or full hub
  • External 3G/GPS modem for data exchange, WIFI
The supporting devices and connection devices are everything that helps to connect   the devices into one coherent solution and make strong communication channels to our back-end engines and services.
Transport ticketing supporting devices

Ridango Ticketing Back-Engine
All on-board equipment is communicating with Ridango central-data server services and solutions.
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Handheld Fare Inspection Device
Click here to read about fare inspection device.

Mobile and QR ticketing

Mobile ticketing for public transport

Click here to read more about transport QR ticketing and mobile ticketing solutions.