Ridango’s Systems Bring Convenience and Efficiency to Lappeenranta’s Public Transport

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Public transportation plays a crucial role in making cities more accessible, sustainable, and livable. In Lappeenranta, Finland, public transportation is a significant part of daily life, with 2 million passengers traveling through its local and rural areas, school transport, and on-demand taxis annually. To improve the customer experience, Lappeenranta has decided to change its current ticketing and payment system, and Ridango’s innovative solutions have been selected to provide the city with a better, more efficient, and more attractive public transportation experience. 

“We are excited about the upcoming transition to the Ridango system, as it will enable us to offer a modern and user-friendly public transportation experience to our citizens and visitors,” said Terhi Koski, Public Transport Manager, city of Lappeenranta. “By  implementing fully account-based ticketing and payment as well as integrating the Demand-Responsive Transport (DRT) service, we aim to improve our service levels and use resources more efficiently, while reducing the environmental impact of mobility in our region.” 

Lappeenranta’s decision to change its ticketing and payment system was based on a long-term strategy to meet the requirements of The Act on Transport Services and improve mobility in the South Karelia area. The goal is to merge the public transportation areas of Lappeenranta and Imatra cities under one PTA area by the beginning of 2024. This change will allow Lappeenranta to take care of PTA responsibilities and organize public transportation in both cities, making traveling easier and more attractive for its citizens and tourists. It is worth noting that Imatra is already a Ridango customer, having implemented the account-based ticketing system in the first half of 2020. With this move, Imatra became the innovative frontrunner for public transport ticketing in Finland.  


Lappeenranta’s New Ticketing System Enhances Convenience and Sustainability 


The new ticketing system is expected to bring many benefits to the city, the operator, and the passengers. “The data received from ticket validation will help us to improve customer experience, better plan and schedule routes”, commented Koski. “Passengers, on the other hand, will enjoy improved accuracy of schedules, ease of payment, real-time passenger information, and one travel ID in public transportation in the South Karelia area, making traveling more convenient and attractive,” she added. 

The Public Transport Authority of city of Lappeenranta will also take responsibility for vehicle devices, which were previously handled by the operator. This will free up the operator’s time and resources, allowing them to focus on providing better service to passengers. As a result, drivers will have more reliable vehicles, and they can concentrate on driving without worrying about the technical aspects of the vehicle. This is a crucial factor to ensure driver satisfaction and improve their overall work experience. 

Another significant aspect of this project is the integration of Demand-Responsive Transport (DRT) into the ticketing and payment system. DRT will operate in the same ticket and payment system, allowing for more efficient use of resources, reducing emissions caused by mobility, and improving public transport services in sparsely populated areas. 


Lappeenranta’s Public Transport Authority Sets Ambitious Goals for the Future 

Lappeenranta’s Public Transport Authority is setting its sights on the future with an innovative approach to improving its public transportation system. By transitioning to the Ridango system by the end of this year and merging the public transportation areas of Lappeenranta and Imatra cities into one larger PTA area, the city is paving the way for a more efficient and sustainable transport system. Additionally, the city is considering the electrification of public transportation through future tendering or the adoption of other clean vehicles. With a focus on the latest technology and forward-thinking solutions, Lappeenranta’s Public Transport Authority is making significant strides towards improving public transportation for residents and visitors alike.