Ridango and Elron launched contactless bank card payments for the onboard ticket machines in Estonia

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At the beginning of the new year, Ridango together with its customer Elron (state-owned rail company to provide customer-focused travel services on all railway lines in Estonia) launched a contactless bank card payments option for the onboard ticket machines.  

‘We are very happy that contactless bank cards can now be used to buy tickets from ticket machines onboard any Elron train service,announced Ronnie Kongo, head of sales and development at Elron. Our customers have long been waiting for the possibility to be able to use this simple and convenient payment method. In the course of the few weeks, this option has been used over 20 000 times. 

“This is another important milestone. We are happy to be the technological partner for Elron and work together to bring new customer-friendly solutions to the passengers. Enabling contactless bank card payments on trains makes it convenient and easy to buy tickets directly at the ticket machines, thus supporting a positive customer experience,” said Ado Are, project manager at Ridango 

Tickets from a ticket machine cost 10% less than those purchased from a customer attendant. The purchase must be made immediately after boarding the train, the card used for payment must be activated for contactless payments prior to this, and when buying several tickets, the total sum cannot exceed 25 euro. It is also possible to buy tickets from a ticket machine with money loaded on the Elron farecard. 

Read more: https://elron.ee/en/elronist/uudised/bank-card-can-now-be-used-buy-tickets-ticket-machines 

Eesti Liinirongid AS is a state-owned company which operates under the trademark of Elron (www.elron.ee), to provide safe, reliable, fast, environmentally-friendly, and customer-focused travel services on all railway lines in Estonia



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