Real-Time Passenger Information

Put your passengers in control with the industry’s most accurate arrival predictions: a wide range of real-time travel information and intuitive journey planning tools.

Multimedia Announcements

The system allows the Authority or Operator to inform passengers with various audio and video announcements in their native language in different scenarios during a trip. 

Ridango’s proposed ABSA system would be fully designed and configured according to your requirements, following a detailed analysis of what the system needs to deliver initially and in the future that would use self-service configuration tools.

The content management module serves the PTA/PTO staff to be able to add and edit the advertisement content to the passenger information screens.  


Automatic Bus Stop Announcement (ABSA)

Automatic announcements of bus stop arrivals and departures.

Content management module

Advertisement module with full configuration option and reporting.


Custom layouts for each customer that are fully configurable.

Voice, Text & Video

Voice announcements are played through on-board speaker system, Text and video files are played on integrated passenger information displays (PIDs).


Real-Time Announcements

Accurate ETA and ETD announcements.

Ad-hoc announcements

Immediate playing ad-hoc announcements played from backoffice application

Customizable advertisement module

Custom layouts and validity times and periods with full reporting module.


Kyiv, Ukraine

Advanced operations management and accurate real-time predictions.

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Skåne, Sweden

Advanced operations management, accurate real-time predictions and smart passenger information with our solutions.

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Sörmlands Trafiken
Södermanland County, Sweden

Ridango is providing an account-based ticketing system and real-time passenger information solution for Södermanland County.

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Tallinna Transport

Accelerated service transformation, advanced operations management and accurate real-time predictions.

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