Real-Time Passenger Information

Put your passengers in control with the industry’s most accurate arrival predictions: a wide range of real-time travel information and intuitive journey planning tools.

Automatic Passenger Counting

Enable real-time occupancy data of the vehicles that help agencies and operators monitor occupancy and better plan their services.

Our application gathers accurate occupancy information through the integration of Automatic  Passenger Counters (APC) installed above bus doors. The data is disseminated to wayside information displays, mobile applications or third-party systems.


Accurate occupancy information for passengers

Passengers can make informed decisions based on accurate data.

Dissemination of data through APIs

Sending the occupancy data to any integrated 3rd-party system.

Proven 3rd party APC sensors

Camera, IR or lidar-based.

Backoffice monitoring system

Insight into route/bus occupancy in real-time to make informed decisions.


Boost satistfaction

Provide passengers with accurate information.

Improve services

Transform operations with more robust, accurate data.

Sustainable transit

Attract more people to use buses and promote modal shift.

Open network

Empower innovation with accurate data and easy-to-connect APIs.


Tallinna Transport

Accelerated service transformation, advanced operations management and accurate real-time predictions.

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Kyiv, Ukraine

Advanced operations management and accurate real-time predictions.

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Skåne, Sweden

Advanced operations management, accurate real-time predictions and smart passenger information with our solutions.

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Sörmlands Trafiken
Södermanland County, Sweden

Ridango is providing an account-based ticketing system and real-time passenger information solution for Södermanland County.

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