The solution for these areas is Demand-Responsive Transport (DRT). DRT solution will noticeably improve the quality of life for people whose mobility needs are currently unmet by providing flexibility and accessibility, while allowing transport service providers to operate with maximum efficiency.

For the public transport operator, the on-demand service helps to increase efficiency by dispatching the vehicle with right seating capacity. It is also an obligation of local authorities to provide transport service for people unable to independently use or access public transport, because of their health condition. Demand-Responsive Transport (DRT) helps to relieve these problems by providing a service, which is not dependent on a fixed bus route or schedule.

Demand-Responsive Transport offers a solution to the problems inherent in rural areas where urbanization has left people without public transport access. The Authority and/or Operator receives financial gain due to optimized scheduling and vehicle capacity.

Demand-Responsive Transport main functionalities:

  • Service order registration
    • Customer specified pickup and drop off location and time
  • System assisted dispatch service for route management and planning
    • Route calculation and travel distance measurement
    • Real time scheduling for optimal routes and increased vehicle revenue milage
    • Integration with public transportation routes and schedules
  • Multiple payment options
  • Website for Dispatch and Customer and Apps for Driver and Customer

The system is easy to integrate with public transport routes and schedules.

The development of the service was supported by the resources of the European Regional Development Fund, the support of which has been received through the EAS.