This approach gives travelers many benefits, including the possibility to pay for their trips in a modern and comfortable way. For operators, such a system means lower setup and operational costs, compared to card-based ticketing solutions where travel cards need constant reprogramming. 

Our ABT solutions support closed-loop travel cards, contactless bank card (cEMV) payments, mobile ticketing and QR codes, with maximum flexibility in fare calculations.

We provide ABT solutions with both:

  • Closed-loop travel cards and QR-codes
  • Open-loop EMV contactless bank cards

Our ABT solutions also feature:

  • Mobile ticketing
  • API integrations for Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

We always focus on usability and reliability, so that passenger’s experience could be nothing less than exceptional.

Account-Based Ticketing can operate in both an online and offline world. Appropriate revenue protection measures are used for risk management. Data is regularly synchronized, depending on the network capabilities and technical configuration of the system, enabling offline operations and continuous service even during network outages.