Ridango has been providing turn-key projects for transportation agencies and companies for years. Ridango has covered majority of Estonia with its transit ticketing solutions. It has multi e-purse managed solutions and provides cross-usable wallets in Estonia with one standardized card. 

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Tallinn, capital of Estonia and Harju County

Account based ticketing

Ridango is Full Operations provider for public transport in Tallinn and surrounding Harju County. Ridango won the tender in 2010 and developed and rolled out the new ticketing solution with 9 months. There are totally 750 vehicles and more than 2100 ticketing validators installed. The solution has been now extended for many more vehicles and more fields than just ticketing.

Account based online ticketing solution since 2010
  • 750 vehicles (570 buses, 80 trams, 100 trolleybuses)
  • over 2100 on-board contactless ticket validators
  • more than 100 million passenger travels per year

Executive summary:
  •  Online account based ticketing solution for the transportation in the capital of Estonia in Tallinn and its surrounding municipalities.
  • Ridango provided and manages e-purse that serves as ticketing wallet and works across number of operators.
  • Tallinn public transport tickets information you can find here .
  •  Travellers can buy cards at merchant kiosks, online and ask them to be delivered to their door.
  •  The cards can be topped-up via online transaction, bankcard payment, mobile transaction through IVR or at merchants through POS payment (merchant integrations done by Ridango).
  • The online account based solution does not require hundreds of vending machines as regular merchant POS infrastructure has been reused and integrations with Ridango ticketing back-end have been made.
  • Travel cards are sold as anonymous and each traveller has an option to personalize the card at merchant or via web-shop. Personalized card allows to receive discounts and eliminates the risk of losing cash in the wallet if card is lost.
  • E-tickets can be purchased using money loaded onto your Public Transport Card by holding the card against the validator.
  •  For card holders their applicable discounts happen automatically, e.g. for pensioners, students, people under social support systems etc. Ridango has different integration with governmental and municipality databases to link the ticket and social information with particular person under rules and legislation granted by Estonian Data Protection Inspectorate.
  •  Best fare calculations are done with daily gaps can could be extended to monthly or even annually on request by the municipality.
  • Ridango ticketing goes beyond transit - Ridango has also extended the solution to tickets and access to various municipality services and venues such as museums, ZOO and different sporting facilities.
  •  Ridango has also provided Park & Ride solution for the city of Tallinn that is fully integrated to the ticketing scheme and works with the same transit card.
  • Ridango also provides information on schedules and location to the Tallinn city.

Gotland, Sweden

Transit Cards and QR Tickets

Gotland is municipality line type solution. Ridango covered all the bus transportation ticketing solution on the island of Gotland in Sweden.  In Gotland, Ridango also launched mobile application for ticketing together with journey information and further, mobile QR ticketing solution.

Solution provided for Gotland

GoBus Group

Intercity bus tickets, transit cards and driver POS

Ridango is providing ticketing solutions also for intercity connection. GoBus Group decided to adopt Ridango transit ticketing solution and provides transit cards for more frequent travelers with one time sales as well. With this, Ridango also started to sell intercity tickets on its dedicated website and became card issuer, card manager, and e-purse holder for GoBus.  Ridango also provided onboard equipment for ticketing and is rolling out the solution for all fleet for GoBus in Estonia so that it would also support tablet based driver assisted sale through POS / ECR solution similar that was adopted in Gotland, Sweden (see picture above).

Selection of other references:

In Estonia:
  • Most of the Estonian (public) county lines
  • Kohtla-Järve City - live since 2013
  • Tartu City – live since 2015
  • Narva City – live since 2016
  • Pärnu City and county – live since 2017
In Sweden:
  • Västmanland county- live since 2015
  •  Sörmland county – live since 2016
  • Flyggbussarna Airport Coaches – live since 2016
  •  Skane county – live since 2017
In Greenland:
  •  Nuuk City – live since 2016
For more references or specific references regarding RTPI, account based ticketing, EMV contactless  or similar - please contact us.