Technology company Ridango has developed a novel and innovative 
interface for public transport ticketing system that enables payment
by waving a contactless bank card.

Tallinn is one of the first European capital cities to introduce contactless payments 
with bank cards for public transport. The new solution was
created through
collaboration between Ridango, Tallinn Transport
Department, LHV and Mastercard.

Contactless payment will be available in all Tallinn trams, buses and trolley buses in 
November at the latest by which
time the software of ticket sales equipment in all
vehicles will be updated,
with all necessary configurations for the adoption
of contactless payments undertaken.

According to Erki Lipre, CEO of Ridango the development and implementation of 
contactless payments has been a lengthy but extremely interesting and educational
process that started back in 2014 when Ridango participated in Mastercard's Start
Path Programme, held in Dublin, Ireland.

"This, followed by long-lasting collaboration with Mastercard gave us a good 
understanding of execution of contactless payments for public transport. The joint
efforts by Ridango, MKM, representatives of city councils, banks and
other partners
resulted in development of a specification for using contactless
bank cards for
Estonian public transport, which was followed by extensive
development by
Ridango team to bring the new system to the market,"
explained Erki Lipre.

According to Erki Kilu, CEO of LHV Bank the new payment method is an innovative 
solution. "As an innovative bank we are keen to participate ourselves as well as
through our partners in the development of newand convenient payment solutions.
Ease of payments simplifies people's lives. The transport payment system created
through collaboration with Ridango is a good example, as innovativeness of this
solution has been recognised by card organisation Mastercard," commented
Erki Kilu.

Thanks to this innovation occasional users of Tallinn public transport no longer need to 
buy a ticket from the driver or possess
the Public Transport Card (Ühiskaart).
Contactless payments by bank cards will
initially be possible by using a validator by
the front door, which has a sticker to
help passengers recognise the contactless
payment option.

Ridango thanks Mastercard, LHV, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications 
and NETS for cooperation as well as Tallinn Transport Department and Tallinn City
Council whose focus on innovation helps to offer passengers increasingly convenient
payment options.

Ridango's novel and innovative solution to use bank card contactless payments for 
public transport was launched on Wednesday 15 August with Kadri Simson,
Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure making the first contactless
payment to buy a ticket by waving a bank card.