What you will be doing:

  • Establish and improve QA-related processes to ensure highest possible quality and user experience across different channels: API, our customers’ public webs, mobile applications, back offices and most important handheld and installed devices: validators, driver tables and controller devices;  
  • Coordinate releases of Ridango platform across different environments and infrastructures; 
  • Working closely with Engineering team and other stakeholders to ensure that the release and delivery process is smooth and efficient;  
  • Lead and facilitate QA initiatives across the organization; 
  • Empower our bright and talented QA team to unleash their full potential; 
  • Your team’s responsibility is also to identify root causes of issues and to propose processes and preventative methods.

What will help you to succeed:

  • Having a vision of how QA process should be organized and ability to execute it; 
  • Excellent understanding of testing techniques, processes and tools; 
  • Being good at pinpointing data inconsistencies across distributed systems; 
  • Years of previous experience as a QA specialist; 
  • Having strong automation-oriented mindset with previous hands-on experience; 
  • Good understanding of Agile methodologies, and QA’s role in them; 
  • Lead by example attitude, with ability to make an extra step if needed. 

What’s in it for you:

  • Ability to influence the whole delivery process, with direct impact on our client’s experience and satisfaction;  
  • Possibility to shape up company’s QA culture and be the driver for smooth and automated release processes; 
  • Transparent and collaborative team culture, you can be sure that your ideas will be welcomed and valued; 
  • Healthy work-life-balance, with leaders approachable and helping to solve any issues that might arise;  
  • Flexible working hours and ability to work from home from time-to-time; 
  • Modern work environment in a brand-new sustainable office; 
  • Passion, fun and power to make public transportation more convenient to use.