Contactless EMV Payments

Boost flexibility and accessibility for passengers, while empowering transport service providers to operate with maximum efficiency.

cEMV payments

Intuitive Pay-As-You-Go solution that offers accelerated boarding and best-in-class ride experience. All you need to do is simply tap your contactless bank card (cEMV) directly at the validator and the ticket is purchased. Our solution is developed as an add-on system specifically for public transport, in full compliance with Visa and Mastercard guidelines for mass transit.


Merchant portal

Will provide the main functionalities to operate the service. This includes transactions overview and processing, fare capping rules, debt recovery, reconciliation, tokenization, payment gateway, settlements and many more. The solution supports a wide range of currencies.

Customer portal

Enables passengers to view their travel history over a safe and secure platform. Portal displays information about transactions, recent trips, and receipts. Similar information can be provided over an API if there is an existing website or app in place.

Analytics & reporting

Enables to analyze the service by providing thorough reports about transactions like sales, refunds, debts and declines. This helps to assess the service more accurately and make more informed decisions about optimisation.

Payment gateway

Revenue protection


Quick & easy

Implementing contactless EMV payments is made quick and easy for the customer. For passengers an improved customer experience is guaranteed due to a familiar payment method and accelerated boarding. No more costly cash handling!

Secure & trusted

A solution that processes and manages payments requires the highest security measures to be in place. Our solution is PCI-DSS certified and hosted within one of the most resilient and secure environments. Can be used together with EMV Level 2 & 3 certified validators.

Flexible & universal

Our solution supports contactless EMV global payment standards and is therefore universally accepted. Intuitive Pay-As-You-Go fare structure enables authorities to introduce capping and will guarantee the best price for the customer.​


Kyiv, Ukraine

Advanced operations management and accurate real-time predictions.

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Skåne, Sweden

Advanced operations management, accurate real-time predictions and smart passenger information with our solutions.

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Tallinna Transport

Accelerated service transformation, advanced operations management and accurate real-time predictions.

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