Ridango has provided the Ühiskaart service, an account-based ticketing system, across Estonia for already ten years. “We believe it is important to develop future-proof services. Thus, in cooperation with Telia, we have created a new solution that makes using public transport easier by making Ühiskaart available on mobile phones,” said Argo Verk, Head of Sales at Ridango.

Ühiskaart on mTasku is a mobile Ühiskaart, which can be used to validate rides on public transport by using a smartphone. To use Ühiskaart via mTasku, open Ühiskaart in the mTasku app and touch the validator with your phone. The service requires NFC SIM card, which is available at Telia Estonia stores and Telia’s online store. The new NFC SIM card technology enables to use Ühiskaart even with an empty phone battery and without internet connection. Ühiskaart is available via mTasku for mobile operator Telia and Diil customers.

Ühiskaart is available for mobile operator Telia and Diil customers and currently only for Android phones. It can be used via mTasku in Harju county, and the cities of Tallinn, Tartu and Pärnu. The service will be extended to rest of Estonia step-by-step in the near future.

mTasku has more than 70,000 users in Estonia, and the number if growing each day. Download mTasku from Google Play.