Customer-oriented collaboration between three public transport authorities successfully makes ticketing more convenient for cross-border travel between both shores of the Gulf of Finland, between and within Estonia and Finland. For this project, Ridango and the City of Talinn won a Digital Chapion – Highly commended award by prominent Transport Ticketing Global Awards. Today we share with you some insights on our globally recognized cross-border ticketing project.

Digital Champion Nomination

The category recognizes a digital champion who has gone over and above to revolutionize passengers’ digital journeys. Whether through an app or website, who has changed how customers are able to receive travel information, plan their journey end-to-end and pay by flexible means?  This award is open to individual organizations or partnerships that are responsible for developing or operating a digital service that makes access to transport and fares simple for all passengers.

Seamless Cross-border Travel

There is a close collaboration and strong connections between Estonia and Finland which requires frequent traveling between the two countries. Over 6 million passengers travel annually between Tallinn and Helsinki under normal circumstances.

A large propotion of those passengers regularly use public transport, which means they have to purchase different kinds of tickets from different sales channels – a process deemed inconvenient and time-consuming.

The organizations responsible for public transport in Tallinn, Tartu, and Helsinki aimed to make ticketing more convenient for people traveling between both shores of the Gulf of Finland.

Mobile Ticketing Connecting Countries

The mobile ticketing solution removes all the hassle that comes from traveling with public transport in a foreign country. Cross-border functionality allows passengers traveling from Estonia or Helsinki to simply step on the bus or tram when arriving at the destination country without the need to queue at the ticket machine or download another app. Tickets can be easily purchased from an application by using a mobile phone. This saves a lot of time and makes commuting simple for frequent and non-frequent travelers.

Pilet was a Great Success

Passengers traveling from Estonia to Helsinki can purchase HSL (Helsinki Region Transport) public transport tickets via the Estonian application Pilet 2020, the mobile ticketing sales channel for Tallinn and Tartu public transport. The solution makes use of the open ticket interface of HSL, the public transport authority in the Helsinki region. Additionally, there’s no need to buy the ticket from the vendor or ticketing machine, and thus, the solution decreases contacts and makes traveling during the Covid-19 pandemic safer.

Customer-first Ticketing with Flexible Backend Capabilities

In autumn 2021, cross-border functionality went live for Finland. Travelers with Helsinki public transport cards can use them while traveling with public transport in Estonia. This project is a perfect example of where customer needs and seamless user experience are put first. Customer-oriented collaboration between three public transport authorities sets a successful example for other industry players and authorities of cross-border capability and its possibilities. It also shows how the existing ticketing system can be scalable, and used to create a smooth customer experience.