Ridango together with a Swedish forward-thinking transit agency Skånetrafiken and a multinational telecommunications company, Telia, is a finalist in the Ticketing Enabler of the Year category of the Transport Ticketing Awards 2022. Celebrating “the smart ticketing and mobility industry’s greatest achievements” globally, winners will be announced at the awards event on 28 June in London.

Tap-and-go contactless payments allow Apple customers to use their smartphone or smartwatch to buy the ticket from a validator without even wakening the device.

Ticketing Enabler of the Year Nomination

This category is to recognise an enabling solution that supports ticketing innovations across the industry. The award recognises standards, open-source technology, SoC, integration platforms, fintech and payments solutions, or other technologies that enable a more connected and open approach to fare collection. 

Contactless Payments Becoming Expected

Buying tickets should never be an obstacle to using public transport. Contactless payments using a wallet are quickly becoming a de facto standard. The need for safe, simple and quick ticket purchasing without a need to queue at the vending machine or buying a ticket from the driver has been high on the priority list for many transport providers. The pandemic has accelerated implementation and demand for such solutions keeps increasing across the world.

Smart, Seamless, Convenient Ticketing

In partnership with Telia, Ridango implemented Express Transit, or Express Mode for Apple Pay Express Transit for a Swedish forward-thinking public transport agency Skånetrafiken, in October 2021. Bus passengers can now seamlessly purchase a ticket directly from a validator removing the hassle that comes from traveling with public transport, and is convenient for all travellers, not only frequent users.

Passengers can now pay for their trip without using a physical ticket, cash or card. “Tap-and-go” payments can be made simply by holding their phone or watch to the ticket reader, eliminating the need to authenticate. The device doesn’t need to be wakened or unlocked, even when the device needs to be charged it will function on the power reserve for up to five hours.

Telia supplied an easy-to-install onboard platform that integrated ticketing and sales with the vehicle gateway together with automatic vehicle monitoring (AVMS) and multi-application driver terminal (MADT); fully digitalizing driver duties and operations.

Fast Boarding, On-time Performance

Contactless bank card is the most universal payment medium worldwide, making access to the public transport network simple and convenient for all passengers, not only for frequent users. With this solution, customers can simply use their smartphone or smartwatch to buy the ticket from a validator without even wakening the device. It makes entering faster and helps the bus driver to maintain the timetable.

Improvements Will Continue

Further to the cEMV Model 2, Ridango will move forward with Model 3 implementation, as the contactless bank card in its virtual state will inevitably become the single ticket media also for period passes and other travel rights.

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