Ridango is a finalist in the Ticketing Technology of the Year category of the Transport Ticketing Awards 2022. Celebrating “the smart ticketing and mobility industry’s greatest achievements” globally, winners will be announced at the awards event on 28 June in London.

New ticketing validator introduces totally new levels of accessibility for all users, built and equipped for people with hearing or sight disabilities, with enhanced flexibility to support customer’s changing requirements.

Ticketing Technology of the Year Nomination

This category is to recognize a ticketing technology or solution company which has developed a brand-new product which is set to revolutionize ticketing as we know it.

Flexible Systems, Inclusive Transport Services

Ridango believes that everybody should be able to access public transport with ease. The challenge is that most validators aren’t designed and equipped for people with hearing or sight impairments. Ridango is aiming to change that. Lack of standardization across ticketing products and the impact of Covid-19 have paved the way for a flexible validator and ticketing system that easily accommodate the customer’s changing requirements.

Accessibility Features as Standard

Over and above the standard ticket purchasing and validation functionality that any leading-edge transport provider would expect, Ridango has focused on the following value-added accessibility features:

  • Contrast theme for color blind or sensitive vision
  • Voiceover mode to read out screen content
  • Magnifier to zoom in on specific parts of the screen

These additional features allow all the passengers to use the service on equal grounds, and ensures that no one is excluded from using services. Additionally, a 7“LCD touch screen provides an additional channel for infotainment and marketing.

Customer-Centric Design

At the time of the awards nomination, Ridango was in the final phase of prepping the first implementation for the customer (first implementation planned for January 2022). The new validator and user interface has been built and thoroughly tested, keeping the end-customer in mind at every stage. The validator supports a broad selection of ticket complexities and QR, EMV, MIFARE, NFC, with built in audio speaker, audio buzzer and 2D reader.

Setting New Standards in Accessibility

The new validator brings completely new levels of accessibility for all users. For public transport authorities and operators, it sets a new standard for ticket purchase and validation while making it safe, fast and easy to use. Ridango plan to market the new validator to other potential cities and regions.

Meet us in London at the TTG, booth number G50.

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