Ridango is a finalist in the Most Innovative Customer Serving Operator category of the Transport Ticketing Awards 2022. Celebrating “the smart ticketing and mobility industry’s greatest achievements” globally, winners will be announced at the awards event on 28 June in London.

From labor intensive and time-consuming Excel sheets to organize paratransit to a fully demand-responsive platform which has improved service reliability and efficiency, while reducing costs and increasing productivity.

Most Innovative Customer Serving Operator Nomination

This category looks to celebrate an initiative that has positively changed how passengers interact with public transport. This can include: new service offerings and ways of helping customers access public transport; innovative fare structures to make transport accessible and encourage ridership; marketing campaigns that have helped drive the adoption of new types of ticketing; and initiatives that make passenger journeys easier to plan and execute.

Reliable and Financially Viable Para Transit

Smoothly functioning transport infrastructures are a driver of economic development and a notable contributor to quality of life. However, global urbanization trends have created peripheral areas where residents have limited or no access to public transport. Social transport, or paratransit, is another weak point of existing transport solutions. Local authorities are struggling to provide reliable and financially viable transport services for people unable to independently use or access public transport. 

Pärnu County Public Transport Center in Estonia used Excel sheets to organize their rides. Not only was this incredibly labor intensive, but it made it difficult to analyze the service.

Everything Managed in a Single System

Ridango’s demand-responsive transport (DRT) solution gives operators and authorities complete transparency and control over demand responsive services. It enables them to meet the varying needs of its service area, while maximizing capacity and potential trips – managed in a single system. The solution is adaptable to the requirements of rural areas, social transport and even school transport, and can be integrated with existing ticketing systems and public transport routes. This makes the solution to applicable to multiple environments and requirements, enabling innovative public transport infrastructure where all counterparts win.

More Passengers, More Efficiently

Within 6 months the customer (PTA) serviced more than 12,500 orders, with total of 370,000 kilometers. More than 20% of the trips have been managed using the solution, and the % is increasing. During this time, the PTA has reduced costs, improved service quality, increased productivity and most notably increased their customer base by more than 30%. From the passenger’s point of view, they now have easy and reliable access to mobility services. Most importantly the region has improved quality of life for people whose mobility needs were unmet by providing flexibility and accessibility.

Responding to Your Demands

Since the DRT solution is new, Ridango is constantly seeking to improve the solution and make it more efficient in collaboration with end-user customer feedback. Developments in the pipeline include in-app payments, messaging module, and integration with journey planner.

As seen from the results, the solution helps public transport authorities and operators to organize their service more efficiently, and is creating new opportunities to manage public transport. This is the paradigm shift Ridango supports – public transport infrastructure, where on-demand is part of the whole service offering.

The aim is to add value to all existing and new customers worldwide and help to improve efficiency across the customer base, but also offer new and innovative approaches to public transport in rural areas.

Meet us in London at the TTG, booth number G50.

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