Ridango is a finalist in the Best Smart Ticketing Programme (<200k Daily Journeys) category of the Transport Ticketing Awards 2022. Celebrating “the smart ticketing and mobility industry’s greatest achievements” globally, winners will be announced at the awards event on 28 June in London.

Account based ticketing solution from Ridango positions the City of Imatra as the innovative frontrunner for public transport ticketing in Finland, where the traditional card-based approach is still widely used throughout the rest of there country.

Best Smart Ticketing Programme (<200k Daily Journeys) Nomination

This award recognizes a public transport operator or public transport authority and their technology partner(s) that have launched a successful smart ticketing programme in the last 2 years. The network to which the programme applies should serve fewer than 200,000 daily journeys. The award will take into account user-adoption, duration, sustainability and any other factors that make the project stand out. 

Inclusive Mobility Innovation

The new ticketing solution implemented by Ridango is fully account-based with readiness for contactless bank card acceptance in the future. Mobility innovation is typically concentrated in bigger cities, but offering smooth and easy travel with hassle free ticketing is equally important in low density areas.

Smart Ticketing… And So Much More

The public buses serving Imatra are equipped with Ridango validators and driver display screens. In addition to the hardware, Ridango delivered a central ticketing system and operating service. Since all the ticket information is stored within a digital user account rather than on physical cards, it allows passengers to use public transport more conveniently than ever before. Account-based ticketing also lays the foundation to accept a variety of tokens – closed-loop travel cards, contactless bank cards (cEMV), mobile devices, and QR codes – with maximum flexibility in fare calculations. The solution also includes automatic real-time vehicle location.

Accurate Journey Planning, Convenient Ticketing

Since all the ticket information is stored within a digital user account, it allows passengers to use public transport more conveniently than ever before. For example, customers can buy tickets from different sales channels, including mobile, and use instant top-up. The new ticketing solution is safe, fast and easy to use, which became crucial during the pandemic.

The automatic real-time vehicle location service helps travelers plan journeys more accurately and makes commuting more comfortable. Information can be presented in applications, as well as on the onboard displays and infotainment screens.

Lower Costs, Efficient Operations, Better Service

Transport providers benefit from lower setup and operational costs, compared to old-fashioned card-based ticketing solutions, where heavy front-end devices need constant maintenance. Additionally, the new solution proved invaluable during the pandemic, because it is safer for the operator, requiring no or very minimal contact. Online vehicle tracking allows location and device status monitoring in real-time, together with comprehensive reporting tools and valuable information, operators can more easily organize routes, departures and improve service levels.

Benefits for Everyone

As an extension to the state-of-the-art ticketing, the system will be integrated with Ridango’s demand-responsive transport IT-solution, benefiting both passengers and authorities. The authority has to provide services to segments of society whose mobility needs are currently unmet and therefore benefits immensely from the agility and accessibility of the solution. It also saves money through optimized scheduling and vehicle capacity. Such integration with regular public transport system is unique and provides great value to the region.

Meet us in London at the TTG, booth number G50.

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