Public transport should take you to the places you’re supposed to be, without much else attached to it. Here at Ridango, we believe that travellers and service providers have clear priorities: The first are interested in speed and comfort, the latter in making routes work and giving people the efficiency they look for. Have you ever thought about commuting as a remarkable experience? Well, we’ve always seen it as getting from point A to B as quickly as possible. But we’ve also learned that technology can improve your usual train or bus ride, and Ridango has the solutions we want to see to our everyday transportation troubles.

As one of the most experienced providers globally of IT services for ticketing and Real-Time Passenger Information (RTPI), Ridango has come a long way since its early projects in Estonia. Today we serve people also in Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania and Ukraine, by providing cutting edge ticketing experience and contributing into developing a shared vision for mobility in the city of the future. There are a few things we’ve understood so far on this point: Public transport operators want systems that are advanced and easy to implement; citizens want services that are accessible and easy to use. And this is exactly the meeting point of different needs – future-proof solutions, scalable and user-centred.

We have started our journey in 2009. Ten years later, and many more ahead with our vision, we aim to increase the usage of contactless bank cards (cEMV) in public transport, and to provide well-functioning data exchange interfaces (API) for those who plan and think of Mobility as a Service (MaaS). With products ranging from ticketing to traffic and fleet management, we want to show you a new paradigm for services in the public transport sector that is not just possible – it’s already here. Only over the last year, we have launched:

  • EMV contactless ticketing in Tallinn (Estonia)
  • full scale ticketing services in Kyiv (Ukraine) and Klaipeda (Lithuania)
  • two railway ticketing projects in Sweden (Movingo) and Estonia (Elron)

In order to continue this way, we need to keep innovating and providing our current and future partners with reliable solutions. That’s why we’re always looking out for skilled and talented people, who could help us keep up our customer satisfaction rating (this year at an all-time high), and make our clients happy.

Our CEO Erki Lipre believes that there’s room to “Continue to develop and enhance our products in account-based ticketing and AVL/RTPI. 2019 is looking promising, as we expect to launch EMV contactless ticketing with our customers in more regions, as well as to continue helping public transport authorities to move steadily towards seamless ticketing for travelers”. Indeed, “Our third product line is built around this vision, towards EMV contactless payments in mass transit”, Lipre says. Moreover, Ridango’s RTPI systems give you information about timetables and arrivals, up-to-date as you need it – whether you’re on a vehicle, standing on a platform, or just scrolling down the screen of your smartphone.

The world around us is changing and a lot of new topics are coming up, which is why we’ve decided to renew our website and its contents as well. Now, other than just discovering what we do, you’ll be able to not miss a beat from Ridango by subscribing to our newsletter. All the latest news will be there, but also a series of insightful blog posts designed for you, future-oriented readers out there – insights, interviews with key players in the sector, and focused overviews of our most innovative products. Together, we can contribute to developing an understanding of how the city of the future will look like, and efficiency in public transport is firmly part of what we all want to see.

The making of a smart city has for long sounded as a broad concept, but these are not just empty words – this is the way to go. Road by road, we found our spot at the heart of the places where people move and life flows. Ridango has the skills and expertise to fill the lines that run through blocks and neighbourhoods, and to make an impact on mobility and society through technology. We take you on a trip to the city of tomorrow – then, you’ll be in charge of getting everyone on board.