We grow as a company, and give our employees the chance to grow with us. Exciting products and market opportunities are paving the way to emerging challenges, and the need for new skills and expertise is strong. Want to know more? Here’s why Ridango could be your next big career opportunity.

Your talent and passion, our global network

People are key to our success. Throughout the years, we have engaged the brightest tech minds to develop smart solutions making the world a more comfortable place to live in. We trust everyone working at Ridango because we believe in their talent, their knowledge, their ambition to reach the most diverse corners of the globe with unique products.

With us, you’ll have the opportunity to join a team of over 70 leading specialists in software development and tech-powered solutions for mobility, while also enjoying the independence to see your own ideas come to life. “When someone has the courage and the will to do this, possibilities can be endless. This is the core of our company’s growth, and how our people grow with it,” Vadim says, VP of Engineering.

Making an impact on people’s daily life

What we create has a direct effect on people’s everyday quality of life. And although that may sound like a big task, let’s face it, it’s pretty exciting!

Tõnis, Back-End Team Lead, has a clear idea of what this means. “Our work has an impact on passengers, drivers, dispatchers, accountants, customer support operators, and so on. We have been one of the driving forces in the industry for years now thanks to our technical expertise, and that’s great. We’re setting trends in mobile ticketing systems and raising the bar for others to follow.”

With our smart solutions, we are helping millions of people access public transport simply and seamlessly. And in order to give birth to the best products and offer great customer experience, we have designed a great working environment that values our employees and their needs.

A great working environment for a high-performing team

Flexibility and a healthy work-life balance are kept in high regard here. Ridango strives to make sure that arrangements and benefits are tailored on the needs of our employees. And on a side note – we also have a super nice office, but you should see this by yourself to truly appreciate it.

Together, attention to people’s needs outside and inside the company is a key component of working life at Ridango. Our people know what such a good environment feels like, and the effects are there for everyone to see. Vadim goes beyond the cliché: “Everybody says that they have great people. But you know what, we genuinely do! That’s what I like here. We are really open-minded, sharing thoughts and being open for discussion. The value of everyone’s contribution to our work always stands out. If there are great ideas, they’re followed through,” he states.

Tõnis is a living proof of it. “At Ridango, individual ideas matter to the point that, if you feel like it, you could even design the whole final solution based on your own vision. Of course, we have teams to help you along the way, but I really like that everyone can have a say in the area they feel most passionate about,” he explains.

Joining a team of top experts in software engineering and technological development, Ridango can be the next successful step on your path to professional and personal growth. But we’re not here to tease you any further. Feel like giving it a shot? You might be the next talent we are looking for.

Join Tõnis, Vadim, and many more professionals part of our team. Check out now our job openings to find the right fit for your skills and needs. We look forward to hearing from you soon!