According to Sven Rosenberg, TTGlobal 2020 was notably more significant compared to the last year and attracted more PTA’s, PTO’s and also vendors. During the two days, our team had plenty of interesting discussions with potential new customers, demonstrated our contactless EMV payment solution, which has full MTT capabilities.

“The change of venue was definitely a good move. The new location had more space and air, compared to the venue last year” said Argo Verk.

James Taylor: “It’s important to attend events similar to TTGlobal to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges existing PTAs/PTOs are facing and how innovation in ticketing can help significantly improve public transportation and the movement of people across urban and rural areas.”

Rosenberg added: “Moreover, as the urbanization is happening in many countries, potential customers have been looking to solve the question of public transport in less populated areas. Therefore we introduced our on-demand solution, which acts as an extension to our Account-Based Ticketing system.”

All in all, Transport Ticketing Global is an excellent opportunity to network with industry representatives, meet with existing customers and enjoy exciting presentations. The event also provides a unique opportunity to showcase Ridango’s offering and share our views on the future of ticketing with the broader industry community.

If you’re interested in discussion of the future of account-based ticketing, then get in touch with us, and we’re happy to talk.