“Our goal is to provide a convenient ticket purchase option for train travellers all over Estonia,” said Elron’s sales and development manager Ronnie Kongo. “There’ll be an equipment installed on the trains which will enable both the validation of existing tickets and ticket purchase. The new system will also permit the use of innovative contactless bank cards and serves as a prerequisite for future integration with other ticketing systems. “

According to the agreement Ridango AS will in the next 12 months develop an electronic ticketing system, supply equipment and provide necessary system management tools to Elron.

“We are excited to cooperate with Elron,” said Ridango’s sales manager Argo Verk. “Technologically innovative ticketing systems are our strength – Ridango developed, for example, the electronic ticketing systems in Tallinn and Tartu in Estonia, and we have also implemented a number of projects in the Nordic countries.”

The public tender for ticketing system update announced by Elron received three offers that met the conditions of the tender.  The tender was won by an international technology company Ridango AS which develops solutions for transport ticketing and real-time information systems. Ridango and Elron signed an agreement on May 11 for 12 months’ development work and 60 months rental and maintenance of the ticketing system.

Eesti Liinirongid AS is a state-owned public transport company operating under the trademark Elron, which offers passenger transport service with Stadler FLIRT electric and diesel trains on all Estonian national train routes. In 2015, 98.80 percent of the diesel trains and and 99.34 percent of the electric trains arrived at the terminal station at the right time. In 2016 Elron plans to serve 6.6 million passengers. The company employs 306 people.