The visit aimed to connect and strengthen the sector ties between Sweden and Estonia. During the visit organized by the Estonian Investment Agency, Estonia got to introduce leading companies that are showing the way forward in innovation and making their business more sustainable. We’re proud to be part of the delegation that addition to Ridango included: Auve Tech, Incap, Proekspert, Skeleton, Solarstone, PowerUP Energy, Solita, Roofit Solar, and Up Catalyst.   

On the first day, the delegation visited Västerås. The first stop was City Hall, where Andres Teljebäck, Chair of the City Council Assembly, talked about the history of the city and shined a light on the upcoming plans. The second half of the day was especially interesting since Ridango alongside tech companies Auve Tech, Mälarenergi, Skeleton Technologies, and Roofit Solar had been invited to participate in a panel discussion. The panel focused on a discussion about how businesses drive innovation towards sustainable impact and how the gap between urban and rural area public transport access can be bridged. The discussion was led by the members of the Electrification Hub.   

Following the panel, we had an interesting discussion with representatives from Region Västmanland, Alstom, Electrification HUB, and many more. The day ended with a presentation and an insightful discussion with representatives from ABB.   

On the second day, the delegation visited Stockholm. The day mainly focused on meeting with different start-up hubs and testbeds for smart city projects and showcasing the cooperation between institutions, start-ups, and large companies. During the day we met with Epicenter Stockholm, Urban ICT Arena at Kista Science City, and Ignite Sweden.  

As we have a lot of customers in Sweden, it was important for us to learn and share our experience in green transition with the Swedish organizations and cities on how technology and synergy between both countries and companies can help us further. We’re thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the official delegation and expand our business connections.