The island of Gotland in Sweden was Ridango’s first international ticketing project, launched in 2013. Over the years, we have upgraded the solution, delivered a mobile app, integrated with bicycle garage entrance and rolled out many other items.

As the contract term was closing to an end, Region Gotland started to prepare for the new ticketing tender already last year and the official process itself was launched in February 2020. Region Gotland will extend their service proposition from 33 to 48 public transport buses, roll out brand new customer web portal and mobile application, which will be fully compliant with EU web directive WCAG 2.1. (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines), which addresses the accessibility requirements for those with hearing and vision impairments. Region Gotland has an option to order also additional items, for example contactless bank card acceptance in public transport, which is the most convenient way to purchase a ticket for tourists and other occasional travelers.

“Our collaboration with Ridango will be exciting. We always want to give our public transport customers the best possible service”, says Jyrki Vainio, head of public transport at Region Gotland.

“Being our first-ever international customer, Region Gotland has a special place in our hearts,” says Ridango’s Head of Sales Argo Verk“We have been operating Gotland’s ticketing system for seven years already and are extremely happy to have the chance to continue to do so also for the next three years. There will be several enhancements to the solution, which will make the ticketing even more convenient for all the passengers.”, he adds.

The contract is for 36 months.