The public buses serving Imatra will be equipped with Ridango validators and driver display screens, but in addition to the hardware, Ridango will also deliver a central ticketing system and operating service. The new solution will also include automatic real-time vehicle location service.

The simplicity of Ridango’s account-based ticketing system is already familiar to travellers across many European cities. Soon it will allow passengers in Imatra to purchase tickets and use public transport more conveniently than ever before, since all ticket information will be stored within a digital user account rather than on physical cards. For Finland, this is a fairly new approach, as similar technology is used only in the city of Turku and the traditional card-based method is still used widely elsewhere.

“We are excited about entering a new market and want to offer passengers in Imatra a more convenient ticket purchase and travelling experience. For the local government we provide more valuable information to organize routes and departures. We believe that efficient future-proof public transport is important and key to developing a smart city, and that is exactly what we are focused on at Ridango,” said Argo Verk, Head of Sales.

Jukka Partinen, City of Imatra Project Manager, added: “As part of the South Karelian Movement Revitalization Project, we were looking for a partner with experience in Travel Account Design and ID-based Movement. Ridango’s solution will be used in several services”.

Ridango is an internationally recognized technology company focused on developing public transport ticketing and payment systems. In addition to Estonia, Ridango provides services in 6 other European countries, offering turnkey solutions for municipalities and companies in various sizes, helping millions of people to use public transport simply and seamlessly.