Traditionally, business etiquette stipulates that when companies celebrate the holiday season, they also exchange gifts in order to acknowledge their colleagues, partnerships and on-going relations.       

Last year Ridango decided that instead of giving traditional Christmas Holiday season gifts, we would instead donate to a good cause and plant trees on behalf of our people, clients and partners.   

Tree planting season usually takes place in the spring, but this year spring arrived at a different time, so the trees were instead put into the soil this autumn. In total, Ridango committed to planting over 795 trees in order to celebrate the positive and productive on-going relations with our customers and partners.

When commenting on the initiative, Ridango’s Member of the Management Board, Argo Verk, said: “Sustainability for nature is something everyone can do something about, so last Christmas Ridango decided to plant trees on behalf of our customers and partners, instead of sending them gifts. As winter is not the best time for planting trees, we looked for the warmer condition of springtime, however with Covid-19 it was necessary to make adjustments to our plans, and we finally managed to complete our tree planting in September. Nevertheless, I am happy about this small contribution to our planet’s wellbeing and urge everyone to think alike – sustainability starts with little things.”