The scholarship is intended for a successful undergraduate and graduate students from Tallinn University of Technology who meets the following requirements:

*is matriculated at Tallinn University of Technology; 
* at the time of application is not at the academy vacation;
* studying at full load;
* Average grade is at least 3;
* before submitting your application You must complete 30 ECTS (points);
* You must have the desire to work in the field you have studied
* You are a fan of your field and You want to become a specialist in your field
* Opportunity to cooperate with Ridango AS team, exact form of cooperation  depends on the agreement between the scholarship and the company.

Bachelor’s scholarship is € 1 500 and Master’s Degree the scholarship is EUR 2000. Both scholarships will be paid out in one part.

The application and decision of the scholarship will take place 
as a public competition.

If You are interested in then send next documents to Tallinn Technical University Development Fund Board (documents must be digitally signed):

* motivation letter;
*curriculum vitae;
* learning outcomes overvie
* recommendation from the lecturer, practice supervisor, former employer; 
* Tallinn Technical University Development Fund Board will register applications for   scholarship applications and organizes the transmission of documents to the financier. 
The financier may ask meet with scholarship applicants

Possible problems related to the award of a scholarship will be solved by Tallinn Technical University Development Fund Council.