Could you share with us why you submitted for the Transport Ticketing Awards?

The Park & Ride system that is closely integrated to account based ticketing solution in the city of Tallinn is a unique example of highly customer focused approach. It is using the same transport card and the same customer account to log for parking as well as it is integrated to ticketing system and enables to receive free parking if the car owner has used public transport within the same day. It was our intention to show also to others that such customer oriented solutions that provide seamless usage experience can be done with account based system.

What is your vision for the ticketing/public transport industry in the next 5 years?

It is our belief that ticketing becomes more and more account based and customer will receive omnichannel approach, this means integrated sales and service experience throughout different channels. The experience will become more holistic. The ticketing media will be multi carrier based (transport cards, QR/Aztec codes, paper tickets, contactless bank cards, NFC mobile interface based). Additionally, we will see more and more customer centric applications and approaches. For example, the customer ticketing application pings in the morning, letting the customer know that the vehicle she usually takes is going to be late or is full and suggesting to take the next one that is half empty. This is the experience and service the customers are seeking for. The general customer centric data and combination of real-time data will be complimenting the development of ticketing solutions to provide seamless travel experience for the customers. It will be a challenge for operators and agencies, however, a worth taking challenge toward future proof systems.

What developments do you think will have the greatest impact on the transit sector?

Going account based provides more accurate and timely data for operators and agencies. This allows to combine the data with real-time passenger information solutions and extend the services scope to other areas using the same token. Additionally, to provide highly interoperable ticketing solution contactless bank cards are the key to future and that will change drastically the seamless ticketing experience for customers. In addition, we see year-on-year increase in mobile ticketing and mobile ticket top-ups through mobile apps.

What’s next on the horizon for the company?

Ridango has always provided account based ticketing solutions. We believe we are one of the oldest account based ticketing solution provider in the industry that has had live account based system for past 4 years. We have lately started to expand to other European markets than only Scandinavia. We continue with our growth and spread our vision for transport ticketing – account based system with light infrastructure, touch interface that is combined with RTPI and Ticketing POS for drivers, and back-office software as a combined service offering. Our belief is that transport operators and agencies do not necessarily need to buy the hardware and software but rather receive the solution as a service because eventually the hardware and software ownership is not the ultimate goal for them. We continue to provide our unique combination of ticketing and RTPI systems on the same back-office and hardware platform which enable us to be very competitive partner for transport operators and agencies.  

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