Since the beginning of the 2000s, Estonia has recognized and supported employers, who value and apply best practices to combine work and family life to create a working environment and organizational culture that helps balance work and family life.    

This helps draw public attention to the need to support a family-friendly approach in organizations. It acknowledges organizations who take steps to create a family-friendly workplace culture.   

This year, the Minister of Social Affairs, Tanel Kiik and the Minister of Population, Riina Solman, recognized 62 employers, including Ridango, with the family-friendly employer certification, which allows them to show their current and future employees that the employees’ wellbeing is essential for the employer.   

To receive this label, the selected employers passed an ex-ante evaluation and developed an action plan on how they would make the organization’s work culture more family-friendly.  

Why is this recognition important for Ridango? 

“The great challenge for employers is to approach all employees individually while also treating everyone equally. I see this label as something that really motivates employers to find that balance and view each employee as a complete human being and not just as someone who comes by from 9 to 5. This is what Ridango aims for – employees must come first. Happy employees make happy customers 😊.” said Susanna Rõigas, Ridango’s Human Resources Manager.

“It’s all about people. Happy people achieve great things together! Home and health must be in order for us to contribute to work and to enjoy the ride.  Flexible working arrangements, supportive company culture and inspiring workplace are highly prioritized aspects of Ridango life!” added Mart Nielsen, Ridango’s Chief Executive Officer & Chairman of the Board.  

Come and work for one of the most family friendly employer in Estonia. 

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