Benefit #1 — better customer experience and service

Implementing ABT provides single account approach. This means manageable customer account that is the core of the system — all information about a single customer is tied with particular account or ID. By single account approach, the information is easier to be obtained and seen by the end user as well as for the scheme operators support personnel.

Benefit #2 — lighter more cost efficient hardware

ABT provides opportunity to develop less hardware, lighter hardware and focus more on server side software. Hardware and embedded software development and maintenance requires more investments and overheads during the operational period compared to back-end software development.

Benefit #3 — get rid or reduce card issuance need

ABT provides opportunity to use different tokens in the system. This means that also other cards that comply with reader standard can be used as ticket carrier media. It is convenient for end users and lessens the need for card issuance for the scheme operator.

Benefit #4 — real time data

It is often the case that the legacy card based or hybrid systems do not synchronize data in real-time. This means that the scheme operator and/or operators do not have real-time data on transactions, validations and inspections for analysis or for customer service. ABT is always online or semi-online (few minutes delayed) system that provide the real-time data for the scheme operator and thus, provides better insight for analytics and also for customer service.

Benefit #5 — sales network and integrations

As account based system does not require dedicated hardware to write data on the card, then it is easier to expand and manage the scheme’s sales network. ABT provides opportunity provide back-end API integrations to mobile applications, ECR/POS systems of supermarkets and kiosks, to TVM-s etc. This is easy way to integrate and expand the sales network without additional dedicated equipment as there is no need for additional devices to read/write data on the cards.

These are just some benefits of account based system. For short summary, one can say that with account based system:

  • The costs are lower for scheme operators
  • Checking of transactions is online for travelers and scheme operator
  • It provides better means for top-ups and tickets sales with more payment options
  • It reduced the queuing time for end users
  • Reduced card manufacturing and card distribution needs