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One of the most experienced account-based ticketing, fleet management and real-time passenger information system providers globally engaging some of the brightest minds in tech to participate in the making of great solutions.

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Intelligent transport for everyone

Ridango is a global mobility technology group, with a focus on automated fare collection, payments and real-time information systems. Being one of the most proven account-based ticketing and contactless bank card acceptance providers for public transport globally, Ridango has successfully executed projects around the world.

Scalable state-of-the-art technology 1 billion annual validations
End to end solution provider 120+ customers in 5 continents
International experience 26+ countries served worldwide

Our platform

  • Ticketing & Fare Management
    Possibility to pay for trips in a modern and comfortable way. For operators, such a system means lower setup and operational costs.
  • Operations Management
    A comprehensive transit management toolset gives you real-time visibility and control over your entire fleet.
  • Demand-Responsive Transport
    Boost flexibility and accessibility for passengers, while empowering transport service providers to operate with maximum efficiency.
  • Contactless EMV Payments
    Intuitive Pay-As-You-Go solution where travelers do not need to carry cash, or even own a travel card - just bring their bank card or phone.
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